Convection steam oven Debag - Dila 10-5

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MegaMarket company from Poland is presenting quotation for Convection steam oven Debag - Dila 10-5.
The oven is in our warehouse in Poland.
The presented price do not include TAX and shipping.

Manufacturer: DEBAG
Product condition: Used
Colour: Inox
Year of production: 2013

External dimensions:
Length [cm]: 114
Depth [cm]: 92
Height [cm]: 211

Energetic efficiency:
Power [kW]: 9.5 / 18.5
Voltage [V]: 400
Frequency [Hz]: 50

Other furnace parameters:
Power type:Electric
Number of trays: 5/10
Tray dimensions [cm]: 60 × 40

Convection steam oven Debag -Dila 10-5 in a set with a loading trolley.
The presented oven provides an ingeniously simple in-store baking system with a modular structure, extremely effective, heats up quickly and is extremely economical. The Debag Dila oven is indispensable as a shop oven for baking rolls and cakes, irreplaceable in restaurants, shops, bars, supermarkets and other catering outlets.

Product features:

Short heating time - the stove heats up to the required temperature in about 6 minutes.
Steaming - improves the baking qualities.
Perfect distribution of air circulation - this is possible thanks to the fan with a variable direction of rotation.
Energy saving - thanks to the perfect isolation of the baking chamber, the oven cooling time is extended.
Intuitive and reliable operation - pictogram control with the possibility of entering programs.
Precise workmanship - walls made of stable 1.2 mm thick chromium-nickel sheet.

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