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On 20, 21, and 22 September 2013, the project will organize in the Region of Gjirokaster a joint tour of 6 concerts and popular art work exhibitions, respectively in the cities of Gjirokaster, Permet, and Tepelene. Popular and folk artistic groups will perform in open air. For this reason, the project requires the services of a well known company which can ensure good and reliable services.


• Renting of “Stage, sound and light equipment”
• Assembling, dissembling, transportation from one concert location to the other (six times in three different cities, Gjirokaster, Permet, Tepelene)
• Management of the whole professional service (sound and light)
• Availability of the crew for 5 full days (one day before, 3 days during the concerts will take place and one day after to pack the whole equipments)


• PA – Main
• Seeburg Acoustic Line TSE 4030 homloaded active top 4
• Seeburg Acoustic Line TSE sub homloaded Sub 8
• Amprack vertec IQ controller 2 x crown I-tech 4000 2

FOH & Stage
Dynacord 22 channel analog FOH 1

Monitor on Stage
• Acoustic line A-6 2

Mics & UHF
• Shure wireless ULX – P4 beta 58A 2
• Shure Beta 58a 2
• Shure SM 57 4

Dimmer & Console
• MA Dimmer 12 x 3.7 Kw, 63 A in RCD 2
• Avolite pearl 2008 1

Lighting and Video
• Projector ADB 1000w 16
• Video projector 10000
• Lemun span sonic 1

Stage and Support
• Pedana 8 x 6 = 48 m2 1
• Truss 20 m 1

• Cost of accommodation of all staff engaged during the five days of the services will be included in the total price
• The quotation will be detailed with and without VAT.
• Last days for submission of the quotation will be 15 September 2013

Given the fact that there are just a few companies operating in a small market of these services, the project is looking for an experienced company, which has enough equipment available to fulfill all the requirements, skilled and well trained staff, and ready to move in remote areas.


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